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Best friends forever!
We are always together and thats how it'll stay
For ever n ever in that way
She's there for me when i am down
I'm there for her and we clown around
She is always there for me
When i get a house she'll have a key
There are so many things weve been thru
Laughing and crying what best friends do
We are always by each others side
Forever that will stay until we die
Theres a way that it will always be
Together and me


haha remember... "DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!! I HAVE GAS!!!!!!!! LMAO... haha that was a really fun night Jess!!! LOL I REALLY needed that... I havent laughed like that in a while!!! ( not counting at the movies that friday when you fell!lol)"look lenny! its your bus" "UUUHHHNNN" LMAO  .... CONTAMINATED HANDS!!! LMAO Y.U.M.M.I.T Your Underwear Make My Insides Tingle! | | | (3 fingers) HeHe Cheeto Nose!!LOL that was kinda nasty... but oh well ...


I love going places with you.. b/c It's always so funny... since you fall every two seconds... lol WE WERE THE BEST HALLOWEEN WHORES EVER!!!!!!!!!!Our new tradition ( that we will prolly not do lol) is to run around my block ( OK.. HALF WAY!! Lol its just too darn scarey!) at my birth minute! LOL That was soo fun! I'M READY I'M READY I'M READY EDDIE EDDIE!!! We should try out for cheerleading next year and show off our scarey voiced cheers LOL We wouldn't get the cheer done... only about the first line if that!OUR COLORS (LOLOLOL) ARE TEAL (LOL) AND (LOL) WHI(LOL)TE- *all in evil cheerleader voices* LOL ...


What were we looking at?!?

MAYBE I didn't wanna stay on one side of the road!! TWO is better anyways!! LOL That was fun! But I was scared shittless!! You should have seen my leg.. it was jumping liek crazy! MY whole everything was scarey...

Vroom Vroom goes Jessica's stomach...LOL it's going to take off!!...haha...Weber drives away with her stomach!!LOL That was the FUNNIEST thing! LOL... Mrs. STUPIDTON...ha! uh... i mean HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! LMAO you FINALLY fell at the movies too!!! But this time it wasn't really your fault!! Damn Ray's leg...Why does he have to have that damned leg...haha but that was pretty HILARIOUS!! Then that DAMN door had to freaking run into ME!!!  and it hurt... theres a bruise!! dumb bastard door...


That was so funny when we were at Jasons house swimming and you were drowning!! LMAO you should have seen your face... Did ya forget how to swim? LOl its ok bc i did too! we can go to the beach togehter and drown!YAY!Lol You WANTED to trip in front of those hot guys at the beach MY ASS!!! LOL "don't you feel stupid?" HAHA ... What? What are you talking about? I wasn't doing ANYTHING in the water! I was just sitting there like a good little girl would!!! We are SO cool we grafeted(SP?)the movies and school with our names! Woo GO US! I LOVE CHALK! We SO have to write on EVERYTHING at the movies again with it!!YOU ARE MY LITTLE BITCH, just like Bryan said!!!!

Ahh! The eyelashes!!! Hurry take it!!


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